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Welcome all to the 5th annual Zombie Walk Atlanta!!!!! Last year we walked with over 700 zombies through Atlanta, this year we're coming back...deader than ever!!! Our meet up location is at EYEDRUM and WILL get to go through Oakland Cemetery, Downtown Atlanta.....and MARTA!!! So get your money ready....MARTA fare is $2


Start Time: 3pm Sunday September 26th, 2010
with start time being at 3pm, we HIGHLY reccoment arriving around noon if you need help with makeup, the later you show up the less cahnce we can help you and we WILL leave at 3pm, no matter what!!!

FREE!!!!(besides the $2.00 marta pass)

Make-up FX Artists will be on hand to assist with any make-up needs for a small donation.

Zombie Walk Atlanta 2010 Route

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World Zombie Day Promo

Zombie Walkumentary from Zombie Walk Atlanta 06'
by Lucas Godfrey, Joshua Hitson, and Kathryn Wallace.
All music by Cicada

Footage of Zombie Walk 2007 Courtesy of
Jeff Clark of Channel Zero

What is a Zombie Walk?

A zombie walk is when you gather as many fiends together as you can and have them all made up as zombies as you all march through public areas of your town.


Where do we meet at?


Where did this idea come from?
The zombie walk was started in Calgary in 2005 and there was a write up in Rue Morgue magazine at the beginning of 2006 about it that directed me to ZombieWalk.com. There I discovered that this thing was growing bigger than just Calgary, it has begun spreading like wildfire to several states in the US and even going international to places like Brisbane, Australia. I highly recommend you watch the documentary above to see exactly what goes on.

How do I become a Zombie???
Becoming a zombie does take work. I plan on having a SMALL crew of make-up artist out helping everyone become undead for donations. I don't want any half-assed zombies following me around. I do HIGHLY recommend doing your make-up and clothing at home because we will never have time nor the money to do everyone. For good tips on being a nasty zombie, check out these links:

Or just do a search online for any information you need.
The make-up you will need aren't too expensive and can be found at most costume stores in Atlanta or at a shop in your area.

Click HERE for directions.


ZWA Volunteers

Thats right it takes people like you to help run this here thing. So this is what we need.

Special FX/Make-up artists - if you got any pictures of your work, please send it my way. We are anticipating hundreds of zombies, and while most will show up in make-up we will need extra hand helping them touch their stuff up and working on the ones who show up early for full make-up.


If you are interested please email Atlantahorrorfest@yahoo.com
Please put VOLUNTEERS in the subject line
-CapN CadaveR



Zombie WALK!!!

Thanks to all of you helping us with this event!
To those of you interested in advertisements and sponsorships feel
free to contact me at atlantahorrorfest@yahoo.com
~ The CapN